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Date: June 21, 2005

All information on this CD is correct to the best of my knowledge, but, unfortunately, there is missing data and family members as well as outdated and/or missing details. That being said, if you have updated information or would like pictures added, please email me at manlaan@hotmail.com.

The family trees only show people with pictures or other info available and that persons parents. If you wish to see relatives further back, install PAF and open Warner-Smith paf file.

The Warner and Smith family crests were found at http://www.houseofnames.com using the English versions. I have no way of knowing if these are correct for our families.

This CD contains over 1300 pictures and their thumbnails. They have been resized to fit on a single cd. There are quite a few duplicates because I received multiple pictures of the same thing; all pictures were scanned in case one was better quality.

High quality pictures are available by emailing me at manlaan@hotmail.com. Please make sure to include the picture number(s) (at the top of the picture when looking at it), or if you'd like a DVD of all pictures. The high quality pictures are all scanned at 1600 pixels/inch and are the same dimensions of the original pictures. They have been compressed with jpg with the highest quality setting. Many are over 20 MB in size, but should be about as close to print quality as can be expected. No touchup has been done to the pictures short of some auto brightness/contrast. Most have been scanned in color.

Web design, pictures scanned, and data entered by Greg Thomas

Special thanks to the following people whose help made this possible:
  • Nelda Warner, Glade Warner, and Wendel Warner for the pictures.
  • Merril Warner for his work done with genealogy.
  • Irene Thomas for helping identify people.
  • And of course all the stars of the photos as well as the people taking the pictures.

  • Photo Album Statistics
    Total Pictures: 1717       Total People: 324
    Version 2.2; March 26, 2007; Greg Thomas